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You want people to read the information that’s written for your site, so font size is critical. TCU allows six headline varieties to grab your readers’ attention. These headlines range in weight and pixel size as follows:

Root = 16px
H1 = 3.125rem
H2 = 2.5rem
H3 = 1.875rem
H4 = 1.375rem
H5 = 1rem

Sample front view:

Header Level 1

<h1>Header Level 1</h1>

Header Level 2

<h2>Header Level 2</h2>

Header Level 3

<h3>Header Level 3</h3>

Header Level 4

<h4>Header Level 4</h4>

Header Level 5

<h5>Header Level 5</h5>

Header Level 6

<h6>Header Level 6</h6>