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General Information

Texas Christian University (TCU) was founded in 1873 as one of the first coeducational institutions of higher learning in Texas. Being a University recognized on a national level, it is imperative to be consistent with the use of all marks, names and logos in relation to the University and to do so with the utmost integrity.

The mission of the licensing department is to promote, protect, maintain and control the marks of the University.

Any faculty/staff member, student group or organization, outside individual, commercial organization or company wishing to use TCU’s Trademarks must obtain permission to do so. All of TCU’s Trademarks must be produced under license or permission granted by TCU.

Policy on Licensing & Trademarks

TCU owns and controls the use of its initials, logos, symbols, insignia, seal, trade names, trade dress, service marks and other trademarks (collectively “Trademarks”) of the University. These include, but are not limited to, the words “TCU,” “Horned Frogs,” “Texas Christian University,” “Fear the Frog,” the arched TCU and Horned Frog logos, frog skin and such other trademarks as are owned, developed and adopted from time to time by the University.

Use of TCU’s Trademarks without license or permission is strictly prohibited. Prior authorization of the use of TCU’s Trademarks will not be construed as an authorization of use in the future, nor will any prior course of conduct, use or infringement prohibit TCU from enforcing any of its rights with respect to Trademarks. TCU reserves the right to pursue any and all legal remedies and will take whatever measures necessary to protect its Trademarks from infringement.

Licensed products maintain the integrity of the TCU brand. We encourage consumers to support TCU by purchasing licensed merchandise.

Report a Violation

If you think you have seen unauthorized usage of TCU marks, names or logos, please contact us at


All licensed goods for sale to the public are subject to a royalty. The royalty rate is determined by TCU and subject to change.

TCU, at its sole discretion, has the ability to exempt products bearing the TCU trademarks under established guidelines. Exempting royalties is done in writing and does not exempt the requirement to use a licensed vendor for production.

For general inquiries, email or:

Deanna Cardillo – Director, Branding and Licensing

TCU Athletics Marketing and Licensing
TCU Box 297600
Fort Worth, TX 76129
Office: (817) 257-7969
Fax: (817) 257-7964