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Web Visual Guide for Developers

The web visual guide is a collection of elements that creates a cohesive package—colors, typography, graphics, photography and tone of voice combine to communicate a strong and clear image that positions the University as a world-class institution.

The elements reflect a university that’s whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and while there are many different audiences—a host of schools/colleges and departments—the guidelines outlined here create a common user experience and ensure that TCU is recognizable to all.



TCU’s logo represents the University at the highest level and is vitally important to our brand. It is a signature and the identifying mark by which we are recognized and should be the most consistent component in our communications.

In order to maintain this consistency, TCU utilizes a common header and footer on all websites. Only contact information may be altered in these areas. The customizable areas to reflect the style and personality of each school/college or department may be expressed through a variety design patterns for use between the header and footer.

Web Visual Files


Word Mark Template for Widgets

Please use this template to create word mark images for widgets. Comes with two different options, white background or grey outline.

Download template