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Block Quotes

Block quotes may be used for longer ‘blocks’ of text, such as a quotation from another person’s work, and should be cited. Like a pull quote, block quotes are designed to stand apart from the text and are distinguished by using a different font, font size or color, depending on what works best with your page.

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Additionally, we have two different styled quotes available for use within the visual editor.

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<div class="tcu-quote">
	<span class="tcu-quote__top">
		<svg height="57" width="57">
			<use xlink:href="#top-quote"></use>
	[...content here...]
	<span class="tcu-quote__btm">
		<svg height="57" width="57">
			<use xlink:href="#btm-quote"></use>
</div><!-- end of .tcu-quote -->