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Brand Standards & Visual Identity

The TCU brand is a living, evolving persona. How it is developed, nurtured and protected is critical to the brand’s long term success. Brand integrity means making sure every message we put forth aligns with our brand experience.

Effective brands are evocative. Branding extends beyond the visual, affecting how TCU is perceived by all our audiences; potential and current students, alumni, faculty and staff, sports fans and the community.

Great marketing and communication feature consistent themes and facts that stand for our institution’s mission, vision and values.

As TCU becomes even more nationally and globally recognized, it’s important to express ourselves in a professional manner. Brand Standards helps address the visual identity of the institution, but this is only a portion of the brand experience.

Each of us at TCU is a steward of the brand. By understanding our brand personality and consistently adhering to the guidelines of our visual identity—as well as the way we interact, talk and communicate —we strengthen our brand positioning.

Consistency yields familiarity.

Eventually, thoughts and feelings about our brand become associated with our name, logo, distinctive colors and design elements that appear with them.

The TCU Brand Standards have been developed to guide our University in a visually consistent manner, referring to:

  • Positioning statement
  • Logo usage
  • Sub-branding
  • Color guides
  • University name
  • Brand extensions
  • Social Media guidelines