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Brand Extensions

Official Publications and Ads

All official TCU publications and advertisements must include the arched TCU logo. If the arched TCU logo is included in the word mark or combination mark, an additional arched TCU logo is not necessary.

Email signature

University email signatures should follow the guidelines established in this document when using the University Frog and arched TCU logo.

University Vehicles

All TCU vehicles – from street vehicles to maintenance carts – should be labeled with an official TCU logo.

External Constituents

Any organization using the TCU campus for its activities (i.e., summer camps) may not use any TCU logo or image to imply TCU co-sponsorship unless previously arranged and officially contracted with and approved by the University. The approved arched logo may be used in association with directions to campus or in providing information about the University. Requests for exceptions should be made through the Office of University Marketing.