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Sub-Branding & Modifiers

TCU strives to illustrate, identify and highlight the distinctions of each of its schools and colleges. Part of that work includes the development of a word mark and/or distinctive look using secondary imagery that will complement and reinforce the TCU brand and capture the essence of the college or school.

word mark is text-based, primarily consisting of only letters.
Word marks in conjunction with the arched TCU become combination marks.

Centers, institutes, departments, divisions and administrative departments within schools or colleges with established word marks will attach their name to those established marks.

Colleges may use an icon in conjunction with their word mark.

Each area is asked to work with account executives from the Office of Strategic Communications Management to create an identity that falls in line with the TCU brand.

Word marks are not to be used without the arched TCU logo.

Combination marks should be used in all cases.


  • should be developed by the Office of Graphic Design
  • can be used for departments, programs or offices
  • will be in a common font and size
  • attach to the combo mark in a consistent manner determined by the Office of Graphic Design

Internal marketing departments for individual colleges and schools can determine whether they would like to implement the use of the “modifier” in conjunction with their combination mark.

In a cases where no modifier is used, parent brand or combination marks apply.

Modifiers are not required but individual entities cannot have their own “logo” unless expressly approved by the Office of Graphic Design.