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University Logo

Our current logo, the arched TCU, has served as the University’s emblem for more than three decades. This mark provides a visual trigger that immediately helps individuals recognize TCU.

The arched TCU logo must appear on all official University publications, external advertisements and promotions; logos may NOT be reduced to smaller than 1/2-inch horizontally.

In addition, the logo should never be rotated or re-proportioned beyond its original appearance. When printing with Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors, a solid purple logo must use PMS 268. In black-and-white print situations, a reversed-out white logo or a solid black logo can also be used. The TCU logo and marks are copyrighted and may be used only by TCU entities or by contractual written permission (see examples on page 10).

TCU clearspace
Clear space
An importance of maintaining consistency should also be applied to logo clarity. Provide clear space around the logo equal to the width of the “C” character. This creates prominence and clarity. The arched TCU logo should use proper clear space to separate the logo from elements of other (even internal) entities.