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TCU Logo/Marks Requests

TCU has exclusive rights to its logos and registered marks and prohibits their unauthorized use. All external (non-university) groups must obtain permission before using TCU marks in either a commercial or non-commercial manner.



If you are a current faculty, staff member or a TCU student who needs to download a logo for official TCU communication purposes, you may download the logos using your Single Sign On credentials.


Vendor Use (Existing vendor wanting to display TCU marks in portfolio or on website)

If you are a business who has done work for TCU and/or one of its departments, you must contact the department or TCU employee for whom you performed the work to submit this request. It is then the department’s responsibility to review the request and coordinate final approval from TCU Marketing & Communication (email

Commercial Use Form

Commercial use covers use of any TCU logo/mark on a product directly or indirectly connected with any business or on an item intended for profit. Any commercial use of university marks requires prior approval and contractual or licensing agreement.

Please fill out the form below. If you have questions about commercial use, contact TCU Licensing.

Official Logos - Commercial Use Form
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Non-commercial Use Form

Non-commercial use includes one-time use on items such as personal graduation gifts or baked goods.

Please fill out the form below. If you have questions about non-commercial use, please email

Read the Terms of Use
Official Logos - Non-Commercial Use Form
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