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Boxed TCU v Parent Brand

 boced tcu

The “boxed” TCU is used in conjunction with the college or school wordmark to form the academic combination mark.

Only academic arms of the institution should be using the boxed TCU. 

The boxed TCU should not be used as the parent brand. 

If using the primary TCU parent brand, a “floating” TCU is appropriate.

Any subbrand of TCU can tie to the parent TCU brand if preferred, as long as adhering to clear space and other standards outlined in the TCU Brand Standards (see Page 7).

The boxed TCU was developed to:

  • set the proportion of the arched TCU logo in relation to the primary modifier (college or school).
  • give prominence to the TCU logo in a combination mark.
  • allow for more contrast to distinguish the TCU parent brand.